How Do Essential Oils Work?

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Essential oils have been used by different civilizations throughout history, including the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Some of the things for which essential oils have been used include perfumes, medicine, to promote emotional well-being, and even as part of the embalming process. But just how do essential oils work?

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Essential oils can work in three different ways:


This basically means the chemical changes triggered when an essential oil enters your bloodstream. So, when an oil gets into your blood various chemical reactions will take place as the oil reacts with enzymes, etc.


This refers to how the use of an essential oil affects your body’s systems. So for example, some oils will have a sedative effect while others will act as stimulants. Indeed, the same oil may act as a sedative on some parts of the body, but also act as a stimulant on other parts.


The psychological effect is what happens to you when you inhale the aroma of the oils and respond to it.

It’s true that there’s still much work to be done to fully understand exactly how and why essential oils work in the way they do. And much of the scientific community remains sceptical of aromatherapy and its benefits. But the empirical evidence that they do work is there for all to see. And only a tiny proportion of plants in the world have been tried and tested. So who knows what other wonderful essential oil natural remedies may be out there somewhere.

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